Custom design 24V lithium-ion, with advanced BMS which ensures electrical and fire safety, long life with consistent performance throughout the discharge range. The unit uses only premium Samsung ICR cells to assure manufacturing consistency. The battery life is 500-1000 full charge-discharge cycles, providing a useful service life of about 2 years of daily use for the unit.


Made from high quality aluminium alloy round tube, the frame is strong and can support a load of up to 80 kilograms. Nonetheless, it still weighs less than 19 kilograms, making this  proride Ultralight E-Wheelchair the lightest electric wheelchair out there.

Flip-back and telescopic armrest

Knowing that comfort and practicality are important for wheelchair users, the proride Ultralight E-Wheelchair is specifically designed to provide those features. With flip-back armrest, users can easily store away the armrest for storage purpose or for mobility purpose. This e-wheelchair is equipped with a telescoping armrest which allows the user to extend the joystick for more comfort.


A pair of gearless 8-inch 350W-rated BLDC motor with advanced sine-wave control to provide efficient, very quiet running with precise steering and speed control. The motor is custom-designed to operate at maximum efficiency at the operating speed of the wheelchair. Differential speed steering allows on-the-dime turns. The motors are gearless and run below rated power by design to ensure years of efficient, trouble-free service.


Mobility of the user is our highest priority which is why we design the proride Ultralight E-wheelchair to be able to be transported easily anywhere and anytime. It can be folded within few seconds without having to disassemble any components. It is so compact when folded that it can fit into any car boot easily. This way you can still enjoy your morning walk/jogging with your families or family/friend outing worry-free.


Safety is above all the most important aspect in wheelchair. For that reason, the proride Ultralight E-Wheelchair comes with a brake set complete with parking brake. Nonetheless, to ensure the user’s safety, the parking brake must be operated by another personnel.

Backrest cushion

For storage purpose, the user is provided with a pouch located at rear side of the backrest. For better safety, there is adjustable safety belt as well.

Seat cushion

The proride Ultralight E-wheelchair comes with a nice and comfortable seat along with a backrest cushion to ensure user’s comfort when operating it.


Net weight

Maximum seat capacity

Maximum speed

Seat width (between armrest)

Seat height from ground

Turning radius

Folded size (L x H x W)

Opened size (L x W x H)

Maximum range @ full charge

Charge time

Slope capability



Front wheel

Rear wheel

Frame material





18.8 kg

80 kg

5 km/h

33 cm

47 cm

49 cm

30 cm x 81 cm x 60 cm

70.5 cm x 94.5 cm x 60 cm

30 km (indoor)

4 hours


Soft Pack Lithium Ion

2 x 175W Brushless DC Motor

5" (12.7 cm) Rigid Polyurethane (PU)

8" (20.32 cm) Hard Rubber Tire

Lightweight Aluminium Round Tube

Handle brake with parking brake

Flip back (315 degree) and telescopic