The  ultracomfort e-wheelchair has arrived! Designed to carry up to 150 kg, it can go 9km / hour - just exactly what you need.

electric wheelchair is uniquely design to offer maximum freedom and mobility. This wheelchair is perfect for daily indoor and outdoor use for every occasion whether for casual weekend shopping or gathering for family day.

This super comfort wheelchair easy and fast to be fold and to fit in and out of car’s trunk. This convenient frame makes it easily fold and detachable into manageable profile for a better storage and a better user experience.

Powered by high efficiency brushless motor and perfect fit of wheel placement, this wheelchair provide a very comfortable ride, a sharp turning radius, and a very responsive steer control. electric wheelchair offer a wide range of comfortably and stability from seating, driving, and handling. Designed with low centre of gravity, this wheelchair provided a very stable and safe ride all day long, making your ride very smooth and comfort.


The mountain bike promises an exhilarating form of exercise: enjoy the passing scenery as you exercise, with no petrol, heavy helmet, license, insurance or road tax required. No high-impact wear and tear of jogging. Everything is wonderful until you hit a high slope; then the tedium of hill climbing on a bicycle hits home. The e-bike overcomes this last hurdle.

The  E-Gamma is a plus-size 27.5 inch e-bike designed for leading-edge performance on both road and semi off-road conditions. The extra size tires with front fork suspension provide the added stability to handle rougher terrain to give it a clear edge over the standard 26 inch bikes. The high-efficiency 250W electric power system provides an extra boost for no-sweat pedal-assisted riding over 100 km. The torque of the geared rear hub motor provides sufficient drive to pedal up minor slopes without down-shifting.  Simply charge up the battery, check the tires, and be prepared to feel the cool breeze in your face and the beauty of the countryside as you exercise at your desired pace.

The  E-Gamma has been developed under automotive TS-16949 process quality standards for compliance with MS ISO2514:2015 (Electric Bicycles) product standard. The design approach follows our automotive pedigree: painstaking design and component selection to yield the required performance at the lowest cost, backed by rigorous testing under real conditions.  We use premium components only where it really matters: A6061 frame provides light-weight rigidity for a fraction of the cost of a carbon frame, geared hub motor from Bafang with a global reputation for reliability, premium Samsung cells for the battery pack to ensure long life.

For the customer, it means you get the best reliability without having to pay a premium price.


The  Ultralight E-Wheelchair is designed for extreme portability. It weighs 18.8 kg. It can be quickly folded to a compact 30 cm x 81 cm x 60 cm for easy storage in any standard size car boot and comes with a carry bag. All these features are intended to make it an easy fit for use by a relatively-disabled person such as the elderly or temporarily-injured to have the independence to move indoors and travel in public areas without depending on others. The person can regain the biggest joys of life that the normal person takes for granted: move around the house at will, be able to go out shopping with the family or just go outside just to catch the breeze, sunshine or smell the flowers. For a person with aged disabled parents, this gift would be priceless.

The  Ultralight E-Wheelchair runs silent with fine joystick speed and steering control from standstill to a maximum speed is 5 km/hr (brisk walking pace). With a range per charge of over 30 km, the battery is good for a whole working day of mobility on a single charge and can be fully recharged in 4 hours using the included charger.

The product has been developed under automotive TS-16949 process quality standards for partial compliance with MS ISO-7176:2010 (Electric wheelchairs). Safety and reliability has been the overriding consideration during the development of the product. With the tight target of combining extreme lightweight, long range and reliability, every component had to be analysed in detail. The A6063 frame is capable of sustaining 3g’s of normal acceleration.  The pair of 350W-rated BLDC hub motors operate at 90% efficiency at the design speed. The controllers use proven industrial grade heavy duty components. The battery pack uses only premium cells to ensure reliability.

For the customer, it means you get the best reliability without having to pay a premium price. 


Traditional push wheelchairs have one annoying problem: they are notoriously difficult to stow within the confines of the standard car, and they are impossible to carry around because of the bulk.

The  Ultralight Pushchair weighs 8 kg and can be easily stored in any car boot. A carrier sling bag makes it easy to carry around. A pair of brakes with parking function, and a seat belt ensures safety and convenience of the occupant.


The  hoverboard is all about fun.

Using original lithium ion Samsung battery, the hoverboard has a range of 25 km per charge. It takes only 2 hours for full charge. The BLDC motors are controlled by high-efficiency differential drive controls. The system uses inertial sensors to provide active balancing stabilization for the rider.

With basic training, the execution of fanciful manoeuvres such as pirouettes, and smooth running speeds up to 10 km/hr can be done with very little effort. As a gift for children and youth, it is a very good tool for developing enhanced balance coordination. The experience for the user is the closest one can come to riding on a flying carpet.